Tobago Entertainment

Ready to really cut loose in Tobago’ Tobago’s not necessarily a party until the break of dawn type of island, but there are definitely some intriguing Tobago entertainment/nightlife/lifestyle options for you. If you’re not too worn out from adventures on the beach, here are some ideas for entertainment/nightlife/lifestyle in Tobago.

Mount Irvine Bay Hotel

Tobago doesn’t get as wild at night as some of the Caribbean islands, but you can still find some good times at the Mount Irvine Bay hotel, where dancing to a steel band and mingling with a few cocktails goes on into the evening hours. And if things slow down, you can always head right back out onto the beach.

Buccaneers Beach Bar

Another popular entertainment spot is Buccaner’s Beach Bar, located across from the Grafton Beach Resort, which features some tasty island food and fun evening entertainment, specifically, cabaret acts like the dancing Les Couteaux Cultural Group.


If you’re looking for something with a little more of a beat to it, check out Bonkers, a bar on Store Bay Road at Crown Point. Bonkers features a variety of up tempo Caribbean music, all your favorites, jazz, reggae and soca, along with a staff and clientele looking to make sure everyone has a good time.

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