Tobago Hotels

Tobago is probably best known for its relationship to its sister island, Trinidad, but Tobago has an identity all its own. You’ll find this out when you stay in Tobago hotels and resorts, which provide a unique Caribbean experience. If you’re looking for luxury hotels and resorts in Tobago, you’ll probably want to consider one of these luxurious spots.

The Blue Waters Inn

You want an authentic Caribbean experience, not a tourist trap, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at the Blue Waters Inn, hidden away from the tourists in its own private bay, with few markings to identify its location. Once you find it though, you’ll have found a hidden gem, with beautifully crafted luxury rooms and a location that’s right on the sparkling sand and deep blue sea.

Kariwak Village

If you’re going to Tobago to rejuvenate your soul as well as your body, you’ll love Kariwak Village, a yoga fan’s paradise. This retreat is all about relaxation and introspection, and more than anywhere else on the island, this is where you’ll find a staff that treats you like family.

Ohana Villa Tobago

This subtle but beautiful villa has delightful Caribbean style and some upscale touches like infinity pools and an emerald pond. Every detail was planned out meticulously to create an environment that allows you to enjoy your Caribbean adventure to the fullest.

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