Tobago Restaurants

When it’s time to eat, you want some great island fare, and you’ll get just that at some of the best Tobago restaurants. If you’re new to Tobago, here are some of the more interesting restaurants in Tobago you may want to give a try.

The Blue Crab

At the Blue Crab, the Creole dishes the staff prepare are equal parts great taste and great presentation. For the Blue Crab, it’s about colors that look great on the plate as well as fantastic flavors. The combination doesn’t disappoint, and you’ll want to come back to this Scarborough eatery again and again.

Café Coco

Café Coco does it all in grand style in Tobago, with a huge, inviting bar, attractive Caribbean décor, an open kitchen, and of course, delicious food, with a sampling of popular fare from throughout the Caribbean, not just Trinidad and Tobago, but Jamaica, Barbados and other spots as well.


Dillon’s simplicity belies it’s great appeal. A simple house by the airport and the Coco Reef Resort, this eatery features fresh fish prepared in a variety of delightful Caribbean styles, along with great music and atmosphere. And since the owners operate a deep-sea fishing boat, you know the seafood is first rate.

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