Tobago Spas

The island of Tobago has put you in the mood and you’re ready to really kick back and relax at one of the Tobago spas. Whether it’s at your own resort or elsewhere on the island, there are definitely some luxurious spas in Tobago that you can enjoy.

Coco Reef

If you’re headed over to Coco Reef, go for the full Coco Spa Package. It’s not cheap, but it’s well worth it, as it comes with deluxe ocean view acommodations, Swedish deep tissue massage, facial, hair treatment, manicure and pedicure, along with meals, wine, sports and entertainment. It really is the total Caribbean package.

Le Grand Courland Spa Resort

For unrivaled luxury on Stonehaven Bay, try out Le Grand Courland Spa, which comes complete with a sauna, hot tubs, masseurs and of course, a beauty treatment center. You’ll enjoy unparalleled comfort as your cares are massaged away.

Kariwak Village

Kariwak Village is not your average Caribbean spa, but it might be just the right one for you. This resort and spa is dedicated to complete mind, body and soul rejuvenation. You can enjoy yoga, Shiatsu, Ayurvedic massage and other holistic body treatments in a tranquil, relaxed and peaceful spa environment.

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