Lime Time – Best Spots to “Buss ah Lime” in T&T

No visit to Trinidad and Tobago would be complete without a ‘lil lime’. Locals and other islanders know the meaning of the term aka to ‘hang out’, but visitors needn’t worry about getting too caught up with the semantics.

All one needs to know in order to lime is that Trinbagonians are the friendliest andwarmest bunch of people around and are always up for a lime or two. Non-limers be warned, limes are often spontaneous and can start off in one spot and end up somewhere else in the wee hours of the morning. But it’s this laid-back, fun approach that makes liming so much fun.

Since limes can happen pretty much anywhere – a random shop corner, someone’s home or at a beach/river, there are a few great spots all over both islands that make socialising even more fun. Just be ready to eat and drink just about anything anyone offers you!

North West Trinidad:

The Avenue: a stretch of prime liming area with some of T&Ts most exclusive and down-to-earth clubs, pubs and bars. Located in the Woodbrook area, Ariapita Avenue aka The Avenue has something to offer just about everyone’s tastes. From the fun vibe of NuvoSera, Rossco’s, More Vino/More Sushi, Stumblin’, Coco Lounge to the upscale feel of Aria’s Lounge or Bella on the Avenue, The Avenue also has a plethora of dining options as well.

Just off the Avenue are hotspots 51 Degrees and Zen Nightclub where the partygoers revel. In the St James area, the culinary scene is abuzz and both visitors and locals can sample freshly made doubles, gyros, hotdogs, burgers or corn soup. What’s intriguing is that some of the more popular vendors end up being a mini-liming spot as well; something that truly imbibes the right-on-the-street impromptu limes with people who’ve never met each other, but bond over a good meal.

East Trinidad:

While many may think that the North has it all, East Trinidad also has a few places that limers can’t resist. Aquarios and the Curepe/Tunapuna stretch with wee bars and small liming spots are great for a more casual and down-to-earth feel. The idea is to stop along and enjoy the ride.

Central Trinidad:

With a solid mix of upscale and family friendly spots, MovieTowne Chaguanas is a great way to start off any weekend. Whether you start off at TGI Fridays, Ruby Tuesdays, Woodford Café or Wild Olive, the evening will surely lead to hot spot The Rise where live entertainment reigns and the crowd are ready to dance the night away.

South Trinidad:

Much like Central’s liming area, South offers a great mix for even the most discerning limer. With great options such as the newly opened Carnival City, Metro Nightlife, Prive and Dream Lounge and The Rig, all you need is car and great company.


A favourite with locals and visitors, Sunday School bar in Buccoo is the place to be for a quintessential Tobago lime. Bar Code in Scarborough and many of the hotels on the island themselves are inherent liming areas.

Welcome to The Strip – Tobago’s Latest Hot Spot

Stretching from Shirvan Road on the Claude Noel Highway to the traffic lights at Buccoo, The Strip is fast becoming Tobago’s latest entertainment attraction. The area boasts a number of bars, restaurants, clubs and the Shirvan Mall, which have all contributed to the development of a sprawling entertainment district. So if you are feeling for an evening on the town be sure to visit The Strip and check out some of its hotspots.

The great thing about both isles is that there are other types of limes on offer. Adventure seekers will undoubtedly love the Chaguaramas Peninsula where you can zip line through the lush treetops in the most Western tip of Trinidad or take a leisurely stroll along the Boardwalk.

Just be sure to remember one thing about hitting the best liming spots in Trinidad and Tobago: it can happen anywhere and at any time. You just have to be ready!

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