Signature Cocktails. Signature Trini lime.

Shakers Cocktail Bar is a T&T institution. They make their own rum, enough said. If a true Trini lime is what you’re looking for then this is the place for you. This bar has been around for almost a decade and is one of the most well known hang outs on the POS party strip that is; Arapita Avenue.

Shakers draws a crowd almost every night, usually attracting an “after-work lime” on weekdays but the weekends are always good and bustling with a large Trini contingent. The atmosphere is super casual and relaxed – don’t bother with stilettos for this place. Seating is limited outside, so if you bring a big group, get there early and secure a table. If cooler temperatures and a go at the dart board is what you’re craving, settle down indoors in the no smoking zone.

The main bar is inside and manned by some very skilled bartenders. Order up Shakers signature cocktails like, Blue Mountain High and Cruisin’ Thru Life, or put down a few Salt-Prune tequila shots which are lethal but yummy. There is also a great wine selection, just ask for a menu. The Drinks are the draw but the food is reason to stay. The kitchen offers up a mix of local and traditional pub eats. Dig into some Curried crab meat and dumplings, Pows, Arepas and Cassava chips. All local, all amazing. For a pub treat try some Steak and kidney and/or Shepherds pie.

Parking is a necessary evil at any bar on the avenue, including Shakers so be prepared to circle the block a few times, but the bar provides security along the streets. The website is not always updated but their Facebook page is and has all the information needed. Many a local band plays at Shakers during the week so be sure to look out for dates and times. All in all, It’s a legendary local hot spot for music, drink and a very good time.

  • Hot local bands like Kes the Band have played at Shakers and drop by every now and then, be sure to look out for them!
  • Shakers is strict with ID – make sure your group is 18 years and over.

43a Ariapita Avenue

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