Bois Cano

Hotel bars can be boring, stuffy, and bordering on depressing, almost like an airport waiting lounge. But Bois Cano, in Kapok hotel, which is just off the Queen’s Park Savannah on the way to Maraval, defies these notions, and is a well-kept secret among locals.

Named after a medicinal plant that has healing, cooling and soothing properties, Bois Cano does all of the above. The open-air bar area has a secluded feel, almost like a secret rendezvous spot. Little nooks and hidden gazebos overlook the pool. It feels just a little clandestine, so if you’re looking to be discreet, this might be the place to do it.

The surroundings are lush, with an abundance of plants and a small waterfall, whose silvery tinkling shuts out the noisy sounds of the relentless Savannah traffic.

The service is personal and intimate, so don’t be surprised if your bartender remembers you and what you drink next time you visit. They have a new cocktail menu that features interesting concoctions such as the Titanic and the Speechless (for the adventurous ‘ or the tired). The ‘cutters’ menu (appetizers) includes chicken samosas and cassava fries, which are match for a spontaneous early evening drink. If you’re hungry you can always order the Bois Cano burger, which is topped with Pepperjack Cheese and Pineapple.

Afternoon traffic in Port of Spain is legendary, so if you’d rather not be stuck inhaling fumes, Bois Cano is the ideal spot to wait for the traffic to finish. Think of all the things you can do in 20 minutes’

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