Got Chinese?

T&T’s Asian inspired offerings are diverse and delicious!

Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) are two small islands in the Caribbean Sea, with a remarkably vibrant culinary culture. Boasting culinary influences flavoured by the world, food, in any form, has become a cultural, ethnic and national pastime. When you consider the range of street food, fast casual, fast food and fine-dining options, it’s easy to see why T&T is a hub for cuisine of all varieties.

In particular, Chinese influenced fast food has grown into the go-to menu for many islanders. A casual survey of the local populous would reveal a staggering number of Chinese take-away and dine-in restaurants, illustrating at every level the love for char su kai fan, steamed pow (buns), fried wantons and pepper pork.
The epicurean bounty is seemingly endless and there is no shortage of spots to suit every palate. However, for a truly authentic local experience, have a gander at some of spots serving up delicious Chinese food in a more formal setting.

Eagles, Port of Spain & Chaguanas: Want great Dim Sum and a host of tasty traditional dishes? Order the fried dumplings, spicy spare ribs, steamed pork ball (Siu mai), fried spicy squid, steamed shrimp, pork and veggie buns. The restaurant, known for high-quality food at reasonable prices, offers both dine-in and take-away.

Hakka, Port of Spain: A blend of both Chinese and Indian flavours, this modern, upscale restaurant in the heart of Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad’s liming spot, features a great wine and drinks list. Diners must try the crispy konjee chicken, garlic and chilli fried rice, as well as the chicken lollipops.

Kam Wah, Port of Spain: Get everything roasted at this north-based establishment. From the deep-fried whole fish dipped in sweet and sour sauce, to the fantastic Dim Sum offerings, this is a great place for a casual lunch or dinner.

Jenny’s On the Boulevard, Port of Spain & Jenny’s Work San Fernando: A staple among Chinese food lovers on the island, all you have to say is ‘Jenny’s’ and people know exactly what you mean. In the original South location, Jenny’s caters to the young and hip looking for a great meal with family and friends. The Chinese styled chicken is among the best and the house-made pepper sauce is spectacular. Housed in a refurbished, blue hued and white accented colonial house with stunning fretwork, the POS location has become a landmark on its own. The Cellar, located downstairs, is a great after-work drinks bar that serves great appetisers.

Town Restaurant, Cipriani Blvd., POS: The new kid on Cipriani, Town is a modern, sleek restaurant situated right next to the 51 Degrees nightclub. A great place for friends and pre-party goers, the Town offers bottle service and also a fantastic pepper squid.

Valpark Chinese, Valpark Shopping Plaza, Valsayn: One of the oldest dining establishments in Trinidad, this restaurant is a throw-back to really good ‘ole time’ live entertainment and jacketed service. Must try the fried rice, lemon chicken and Cantonese style shrimp.
Shanghai Restaurant, Port of Spain: In the heart of MovieTowne’s entertainment mecca is a really lovely restaurant that serves delicious food in a great setting. Catering to the business diner, the Shanghai offers courteous service, as well as stellar dishes. You must try the wanton soup and fresh vegetable dishes.

Soong’s Great Wall, San Fernando:
They’ve even got a ‘wall’ that resembles the great one in China. Go for the fantastic appetisers, and you have to order the fried shrimp wontons and calamari. Other favourites include the roast duck and pork fried rice.


Papillon Chinese Restaurant, Grange:
Nestled in a quaint building, this small Chinese restaurant offers the intrepid Tobago visitor both an eat-in and take-away service, this is the go-to place in the Mount Irvine area.


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