Me Asia

Two words come to mind immediately:  Pepper Shrimp!  A MUST when dining at a truly authentic Chinese restaurant situated on Ariapita Avenue in Port of Spain. Be sure to order your shrimp without the shells. Also, be prepared to say everything twice as their English is not so good ‘ all part of the Asian experience. Even the bill is in Chinese!

The beef hot plate is phenomenal, and the not-too-fried rice is a nice change from the brown fried rice you get at other Chinese restaurants.  They managed to put the ton back in wanton, as the shrimp wantons are stuffed to capacity, either in wanton soup, fried wantons or the heart-friendly, mouth-watering steamed version.

A couple of insider’s tips, don’t wait for the food to arrive all at once as it won’t happen, instead start eating from the moment the first dish arrives at the table.  Secondly, beware of the soy sauce, it is hot!

They open every day of the week until four in the morning which is just the ticket for those weekend after-hours food cravings.  There’s nothing quite like a steaming hot freshly made bowl of noodles to help you get a good morning’s sleep.

  • The fried rice is actually basmatic rice that’s not overly sauced with soy.
  • Eat it as it comes!
  • Be prepared to repeat everything twice!
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