Tea-Time with Tea-licious Teas

Gourmet teas, rather tea of any kind, seem to be taking the world by storm. From oolongs to green teas, each earthy flavour has a laundry list of health benefits, as well as the all important yummy factor. Tea-licious Ltd, in Trinidad has been making their business out of tea and tea-drinking; literally. Launched in 2009, Tea-licious Ltd’s., primary aim is to provide locals with the world’s finest teas, lovely tea accessories and some coffee thrown in there for fun! Operating solely as an online company, Tea-licious also provides other tea inspired paraphernalia.

As a premium supplier of gourmet teas, Tea-licious also recognises the need for nifty gifts as well. With over thirty five different flavours to choose from ranging from white, green, oolong, black, decaf, children’s, artisan and herbal, they’ve got something to meet each person’s ‘tea-quirements’. The gourmet loose and tea bags both come in convenient retail packaging and bulk quantities for food services, hotels and guest houses.

Where’s the fun of having a gorgeous cuppa without pretty tea things to go along with it’ Having a hot cup o’ tea is not just about the tea alone, but also about the ritual and ceremony of tea-time. Tea-licious also provides a bevvy of tea sets, tea cups, infusers, honey dippers and lemon squeezers just to name a few.

Most tea lovers also love having a few snacks, preferably something covered in chocolate, and Tea-licioius can provide just the gourmet gift basket for your tea-loving friends. Personalised gourmet baskets can also be made to order and upon request.

Whether you’re a TIF (tea-in-first), or a MIF (milk-in-first); whether you add sugar, honey or lemon: one thing is for sure,  tea drinkers know their gourmet teas and Tea-licious Ltd., is just the right place to help you explore the delicious world of gourmet tea.

  • Tea-licious Ltd., is an online based company only. See more information for contact details.
  • Will create and design gourmet baskets upon request.

Feel free to contact Tea-Licious Ltd., for more information:

Telephone: 1-868-756-0670
E-mail: sales@tea-licious.biz
Website: Tea-licious Ltd.,
Facebook: Tea-licious Ltd.,


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