The Hyatt Sushi Bar

A good night out in Trinidad these days can begin with sushi and end with doubles. Sushi bars litter the town and the Hyatt Sushi Bar is definitely one to try.

Opened in 2009 in the fabulous Hyatt Regency Hotel it boasts a true sushi experience with a line of highly trained chefs preparing your order behind the seated granite bar.

Head Chef Joel was trained in Japan and his signature rolls are to die for. Please try the Ultimate Dragon Roll, you won’t regret it. All ingredients are imported from Japan but prepared with a Trini flare, with rolls like the Trinidad Roll and Caribbean Cream Dream. All delectable and doused with slashes of the amazing Japanese Mayo prepared by Joey himself. If you’re looking to complete your experience with Sake (traditional japanese wine) they also offer a wide selection of flavored and traditional, or if you like a little sass in your Sake, try the Saketini. But be warned, it packs a punch.

Any questions, grill the staff. They are well trained and fully informed in all things sushi. Ask for Celene, she’s a fount of information and so friendly.

Along with the great food and pleasant staff, you have your choice of ambiance. There is a choice of seating inside the smaller area adjacent to the bar, at the bar itself or outside on the cushy wicker couches overlooking the waterfront. Scented candles and flambeauxs add a lovely touch to the mood. Quiet nights are weekdays, with scatterings of locals and foreign businessmen. The weekends however, are bustling with locals so bring a date and enjoy!

  • No reservations needed, but the bar is only open from 5:30 – 10:30 for evening meals.
  • The chefs will customize your roll for you, in case you want to have a vegan night.
  • The tuna is locally caught!


#1 Wrightson Road,


Photos courtesy: Steve Hernandez

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