Top Spots for BBQ in T&T

Broiled on open fire pits, charred and sauced to perfection, this is how barbecue (BBQ) in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) is made. When you consider the array of proteins, sides and sauces, BBQ in general seems to be a veritable go-to for even the pickiest gourmands.

To garner an idea of the kind of reverence BBQ warrants on the local scene, there is a plethora of established favourites and even pop-up spots along the roadside. The debate also continues over the level of ‘doneness’, sweetness and variety of sauces and whether or not steak fries are better than straight cut fries. Crinkle cut fries are also options at other establishments, but straight cut or steak frites seem to dominate overall.

As far as the local populous goes, these are some of the best spots for BBQ in T&T:


Where: BBQ Kings, voted #1 by Carnival Central, Duncan Village, San Fernando
Why: “OMG! The BBQ lamb was to die for.” Ryan Jaggessar.
What to order: Everything apparently: the chicken is well seasoned, salads are fresh and, of course the lamb.
What to know: Cash only, all meats halal.

Where: The Original BBQ Hut, Victoria Village,
Why: It’s a local staple and still is one of the most popular spots for great BBQ.
What to order: Everything, plus the garlic buttered roll is a must try.
What to know: All meats halal and there will be a line.


Where: Abraham’s, Munroe Road, Montrose.
Why: Fantastic service, good combos and “the most delicious BBQ in Central Trinidad” according to a reviewer.
What to order: Specifically, the pasta and chicken dishes.
What to know: All meats halal, and some traffic to boot.


Where: Max Grill, St Helena
Why: Their lamb and chicken combos are great value for money.
What to order: Specifically, the lamb seems to be a winner.
What to know: All meats halal, but due to the immense popularity, prepare to wait in line.


Where: Aranjuez BBQ
Why: The best in San Juan, and known for their fantastic house made garlic sauce, chadon beni sauce and BBQ sauce.
What to order: Chicken and lamb are well seasoned and not overly charred.
What to know: All meats halal, cash only.

Where: El Pecos, Ariapita Avenue
Why: Self-service, by –the-pound establishment, the customer can choose their proteins and sides on their own.
What to order: BBQ pork and jerk chicken for the win!
What to know: Prepare to wait in line, takes all forms of payment.

Where: Grillers, French Street, Port of Spain
Why: Popular with the lunch crowd, great prices, and value for money.
What to order: Be sure to order the macaroni salad and try all of their sauces.
What to know: Lunch time crowd, takes cash and cards.

Where: Rib House, St James
Why: Also one of the top places for BBQ in Trinidad, these guys serve up great food that’s well flavoured and balanced.
What to order: Order the proteins, add all the sauces.
What to know: All meats halal, but due to the immense popularity, prepare to wait in line.


Where: Skewers, Pigeon Point
Why: For Arabic style BBQ and other grilled meats.
What to order: With an affordable menu, you could very well try everything since it seems everything is good.
What to know: Casual dine-in or take-away service available.

Where: Barton’s, Crown Point
Why: Go on a Friday for a great experience. Open-air pits, grilled meat: what could be more appealing?
What to order: Home-made sides are awesome. Try the macaroni pie, callaloo and other home-style favourites.
What to know: They’ve got a great variety of other local favourites as well.

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