Arawak Expeditions

Yes, yes, we know that sometimes vacation is all about parking your behind on the beach all day while having fruity, island-inspired concoctions delivered to you with the snap of a finger. But spend just one day kayaking with Arawak Expeditions, and not only will you develop a whole new appreciation for the water that’s been lapping at your feet as you sip said fruity concoctions, you’ll feel triumphant for having motored around the clear blue sea under your own power.

Arawak has something for everyone. If you’re in a hurry to get back to your beach chair, join them for a half-day tour to some of the cays surrounding St. John. If you’re feeling really motivated and want to explore the nearby British Virgin Islands while having a taste of luxury at local island inns, try the Inn to Inn Tour: kayakers enjoy two-night stays at hotels and villas throughout the Virgin Islands (both U.S. and British, so bring your passport). Start off with two nights at charming waterfront Coconut Coast Villas on St. John, then paddle to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands for a two-night stay at Sebastian’s Hotel on the north shore. Then you’re off to Jost Van Dyke for two nights at a White Bay villa before paddling back to St. John.

If you’re really into roughing it, Arawak offers the kind of multi-day trip every adventurer dreams of. You’ll spend five days kayaking and snorkeling through crystal clear waters, setting up camp each night on a deserted strip of pristine white sand at beaches throughout the USVI and BVI (again, bring your passport).

Kayaking is one of the most peaceful and rewarding ways to get up close and personal with Virgin Islands waters, and oh, do they beg to be explored. No experience is needed to hit the water with Arawak; they’ll give you lessons before you paddle off.

  • Kayaking not your thing’ Arawak offers plenty of other unique ways to enjoy the deep blue sea, from fly fishing to paddle boarding.
  • Don’t forget your passport!
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