Bajo el Sol Art Gallery

St John has a thriving artist community, and the fruits of their labor can be found at the Bajo el Sol gallery, at Mongoose Junction. Owners Tom and Livy Hitchcock bought the gallery in 2004 from local artist Aimee Trayser who still exhibits at Bajo el Sol. The Hitchcocks put a strong emphasis on showcasing the works of artists who call St John home.

Whether you want a tiny hand-blown glass paperweight to remind you of your time in Love City, or a large painting to adorn a wall in your home, you will find what you’re looking for at Bajo el Sol. The gallery’s artists work in nearly every medium imaginable, creating distinctive works, from hand-turned mahogany and seagrape bowls and vases (Avelino Samuel) to geokinetic sculptures made from metal and recycled glass (Larry Lipsky).

Livy Hitchcock herself creates vibrant St John scenes in her traditional pastels, while Kimberly Boulon is known for her muted oil paintings.

There are also photographs, clay pieces and jewelry, with prices ranging from less than $100 to thousands.

Probably the best thing about Bajo el Sol is Tom and Livy themselves, who are about the farthest thing from snooty gallery owners you can find. They welcome all visitors with the warmest smiles, be it the young couple killing time between the beach and the bar, or the connoisseur looking to spend some serious cash.

  • If you’re looking for something more than a generic beach scene, commission Livy to create a painting from one of your vacation photos. Her ability to produce photorealistic portraits will make your jaw drop.
  • Livy is also known for her portraits of Columbine victims, featuring an image of each victim as a young child, and at the age they were killed. She has completed paintings of 10 of the 12 victims, which she donates to the teens’ families. When you stop in the gallery, ask to see her flip book of the Columbine paintings.
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