Kite St Croix

Vacation means adventure, and what better way to experience some adventure of your own than by dabbling in the extreme sport of kite surfing. But don’t let the word ‘extreme’ scare you away. Bill Kraft and the guys at Kite St. Croix are nothing but patient when it comes to teaching the sport to newbies. Kite St. Croix’s certified instructors go one on one with students to deliver personalized instruction, whether you want a simple intro to the sport or a three day-long intensive training.

Kite instructors will teach you everything from the lingo to the equipment to safety. Experienced kiters can find a good resource in Kite St. Croix as well. Having trouble mastering your nose grab, 360 or other tricks or riding styles’ Instructors can tailor a lesson to your specific needs.

And not only are the guys at Kite St. Croix totally awesome, the island of St. Croix couldn’t lend itself any better to the sport of kite surfing. The island is the most isolated of the U.S. Virgins, meaning there are no pesky neighboring islands to block the wind, so kite surfing is an almost daily option.

If you still need a little convincing to try kite surfing, Bill Kraft himself has a very persuasive argument: ‘It’s a good sport, we have a lot of flat water here, and it’s something to do besides go in the bar and get drunk.’

  • Experienced kiters, don’t discount the worth of kite instructors. Bill and his team can fill you in on local rules, and where to find the best winds to fill your sails.
  • The Christmas winds, which sweep across the island from November to March, make for some killer kite surfing. Decent winds can also be found from June through August.
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