A southeast Asian restaurant run by a German in the West Indies. Hmm’sounds like a bit of a cultural mashup. But the truth is, everything from the décor to the food is so incredibly authentic, it may take you a moment to remember that you’re actually in St. Croix when you emerge from the restaurant after your meal.

Galangal owner Arthur has traveled extensively in the Thailand and Vietnam region for more than a decade, and opened his restaurant in an effort to bring the unique tastes of those countries back to St. Croix. And we’d say he’s pretty well succeeded. Since it opened in 2008, Galangal has become a favorite among locals, and earns rave reviews from tourists as well.

Arthur’s knowledge of southeast Asian cuisine is evident when describing the name of his restaurant. Galangal is the name for Asian ginger, he says, which is much more pungent than American ginger, and it packs a bit more heat too. Its slight vanilla and lemon flavors are present in many of Galangal’s dishes. The chef’s training by a Thai executive chef is evident in subtle nuances of each dish.

The intimate, sophisticated dining area, decorated with southeast Asian touches and deep, rich, centuries-old Indonesian wood, is unlike any other restaurant on St. Croix. Galangal’s wide selection of curries evoke the different regions of Thailand, from the north’s spicy hot flavors to the east and south’s sweet and savory options. For the less adventurous, more mild steak, chicken and pork options are available.

  • The combination of Vietnamese cardamom (which comes from pods the size of a soup spoon) and Vietnamese cinnamon (more pungent and sweet than American cinnamon) in the duck prig king red curry is a favorite among diners.

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    absolutely delicious!

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