Old Stone Farmhouse

You can literally see the history at the aptly-named Old Stone Farmhouse, whose structure did indeed get its start 200 years ago as a stone farmhouse. The original stone arches have been patched over the years, and the restaurant’s rustic hardwood floors, and antique Indonesian and West Indian furnishings only add to the feeling that the Old Stone Farmhouse is a truly distinguished place.

The warm and cozy atmosphere is heightened by the welcome you’ll receive from OSFH’s staff, who take the restaurant’s maxim, ‘steakhouse, seafood house, your house for a memorable evening’ very seriously. From the time you’re handed the menu with your name written across the outside, through ordering your meal (substitutions are more than welcome) until you retire to the cigar lounge after dinner, you will be made to feel like a VIP during your entire stay at OSFH.

Each of the restaurant’s main courses are surf and turf, but what’s that you say’ You don’t like seafood’ Not to worry: you can mix and match menu items at will, a rare finding at such an upscale restaurant where chefs are generally fussy about presenting dishes in the exact way they were designed.

The chefs are so hell-bent on ensuring you get exactly what you want to eat, in fact, that they’ll invite you to come back into the kitchen to supervise the preparation of your meal. Yep, you read that right. With OSFH’s nightly butcher block, you get to choose from the numerous offerings that came in fresh that day like fresh fish, live Maine lobster, hormone- and antibiotic-free Tasmanian beef, rack of elk and rack of lamb.

Join award-winning Executive Chef Greg Engelhardt and his team in the kitchen to choose which cut of meat you want to end up on your plate, and consult with the chef one on one to decide how best to prepare

it. In fact, if you’re having so much fun in the kitchen, you’re more than welcome to have your table — yes, your entire table, chairs, linens, silverware, etc. — set up right there in the kitchen where you can dine.

  • If you really want to add a touch of luxury to your dining experience, ask about Old Stone Farmhouse’s Park B. Smith wine collection, beautifully displayed along one wall of the restaurant. The collection is reserved for the Farmhouse’s owners, who purchased it at a Sotheby’s auction, but they are willing to share (for the right price, of course).
  • Don’t worry, vegetarians: despite all this talk of meat, you have not been forgotten. There’s a vegetarian tasting menu and tofu entrees just for you.
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