Sweet Plantains

Each Caribbean island is special, with its own flair, its own people, and most importantly, its own food. The best of the best of foods from throughout the region come together at Sweet Plantains, a charming little spot situated near the water in the bucolic town of Coral Bay.  

When the restaurant is open, you’ll find husband and wife duo Prince and Rose Adams on site: Rose, in the kitchen (she creates every dish on Sweet Plantains’ tantalizing upscale Caribbean menu) and Prince on the floor, ensuring everything is running smoothly.

Prince and Rose grew up in Brooklyn, a melting pot in its own rite, he of Jamaican descent and she born of Haitian parents. Their exposure to foods of all ethnicities from a young age is what fuels the creative offerings at their restaurant today.

Sweet Plantains’ Caribbean chic décor draws from its name, the design evoking the color of plantain blossoms: a dusty rose sorrel. The ambiance is upscale, the food is dressed up, yet there’s no pretense about the largely casual atmosphere.

Rose cooks up specialties from throughout the region, her dishes featuring African, Latin, East Indian and West Indian influences. Look for Caribbean comfort food like slow braised beef short ribs done up with exotic spices and a house-made guava and spice rum barbecue sauce. Vegetarians will be happy to know that there’s more than one veggie dish to choose from, like the incredibly popular organic chick pea salad, marinated and served with micro greens grown right on St. John and a tangy garlic cilantro dressing.

Although Rose is incredibly modest about her talent in the kitchen, she’s been lauded with several awards since Sweet Plantains opened in 2006. Renowned chef Mario Batali chose the eatery for his wife’s 50th birthday celebration, proclaiming Sweet Plantains the best restaurant he’d eaten at on St. John.

  • Start off your meal with the roadside sampler for two. Not only is it a great value, you can have a taste of almost every appetizer on Sweet Plantains’ menu.
  • Do not miss curry nights on Friday and Saturday. Rose blends up the curries herself, and you can choose from her West Indian coconut curry or rich masala spiced East Indian tomato-based curry, paired with the protein, seafood or vegetable of your liking.
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