Drift Away Day Spa

If you’re seeking a level of relaxation that lying on the beach just can’t provide, make your way to Drift Away Spa. Thanks to their extensive menu of offerings, you can spend sunup to sundown lavishing in the luxury that is an entire day at the spa.

Start off by sinking into one of Drift Away’s deluxe pedicure chairs and unwind with an ultimate paraffin pedicure followed by a soothing island earth manicure. Feel the stress starting to slip away’ Good. It’s time to move on to a coco-luscious exfoliating facial, featuring the best of what the Caribbean has to offer like creamy coconut, fresh lime and sweet mango with a pineapple enzyme peel. You’re positively radiant, dah-ling!

Now for the real relaxation to begin, but first, decompress in Drift Away’s Serenity Lounge with some fresh baked treats, local fruits and revitalizing iced tea. Okay, you are officially ready to drift away with the spa’s signature treatment: a 90 minute session with hot stones, facial mask and Raindrop Therapy.

Even Drift Away’s shower rooms evoke relaxation with their soothing chocolate and turquoise tones. They’re the perfect place to regroup after a day of treatments.

Wait! Before you go, why not add a fun mystic element to your day at the spa with a psychic reading’ Will you be able to get a reservation at that popular island restaurant’ Will your man pop the big question’ Will you find the ultimate secluded St. John beach’ Only psychic reader Deva can tell with her tarot card readings, hypnosis sessions and more.

Even if you don’t have an entire day to devote to the spa, you’ll no doubt find that one special treatment you’re looking for with Drift Away’s comprehensive offerings. Ladies, get ready for a night on the town with a facial peel, waxing and eyelash tinting. And men, don’t be shy: there’s a facial designed especially for you, geared toward eliminating razor burn with hydration and exfoliation.

Drift Away welcomes groups, offers special couples treatments and will even bring the pampering to you at your villa or hotel room. The spa’s nail and skin care products are natural based, and organic and vegan options are offered as well.

It really wouldn’t be a vacation without a day at the spa, right’ So, it’s pretty much a necessity that you pamper yourself.

  • Can’t decide which treatment you want’ Try them all with a Drift Away’s sample platter: a Drift Away Day with manicure, pedicure, facial and 60 minute body treatment.
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